Latest News And Area Information

  • The Fontana Police Department recently purchased 4 new Taser Axon Body Cameras.  Officers will now be wearing cameras on their uniforms to record contacts with individuals, gather evidence for court, and reduce liability.
  • Congratulations to Officer Derrick Goetsch.  Officer Goestch recently completed his course to become an EMT with the Village of Fontana EMS.
  • As The 4th of July Approaches, We would like to remind everyone that the use and discharge of ANY fireworks inside the Village of Fontana is Strictly Prohibited.  From the State of Wisconsin Statues: "Fireworks" means anything manufactured, processed or packaged for exploding, emitting sparks, or combustion which does not have another common use"
  • Residents are limited to holding 3 garage sales in one calendar year.
  • Congratulations to Marissa Salas!  Marissa has been hired as our Community Service Officer (CSO) for the 2014 season.
  • The Fontana Police Department has joined The Suburban Mutual Assistance Response  Teams (SMART).  This will provide an enhanced coordinated response by law enforcement to major incidents in a three county area.
  • The Fontana Police Department received a grant from the Department of Transportation to buy new traffic safety equipment.  Grants like this provide the department with new equipment and saves the community money.
  • TipSoft Anonymous Tip System

The Village of Fontana Police Department is partnering with the Walworth County Crime Stoppers to bring an anonymous tip system called TipSoft to the Village of Fontana. TipSoft will allow community members to anonymously provide tips to the Village of Fontana Police Department either online or by text message. 

Those wishing to provide a tip by text message will be able to do so by sending a text to 274637 (CRIMES) with the agency keyword “TIP4WC” and an attached message.  Tips will also be able to be sent online by clicking on the “Submit a Tip” TipSoft link that will be found below as well as the Village of Fontana Police Department’s Facebook page. Once the tip is submitted it will be sent to the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office where it will be sorted and then directed to the Village of Fontana Police Department.

We look forward to receiving your tips, but remember if there is an emergency, always dial 911 so that Police and Emergency Services can respond as quickly as possible!

Submitting a tip using a cell phone:

    • Text your tip to 274637 (CRIMES).
    • Start your message with the agency keyword “TIP4WC” (agency key word) plus your message. Standard rates may apply.

Submitting a tip using the web:

    • Click on this Submit a Tip link.
    • Fill out the form and submit your crime tip.

Tips submitted through these methods are encrypted, entirely confidential, completely anonymous, and are immediately and securely transmitted.

Crime Stoppers

If you need police attention, please call the Village of Fontana Police Department directly at (262) 275-2275 (Emergency 911). If you would like to report information anonymously, you may call (262) 275-2275 or contact Crime Stoppers:

Walworth County Crime Stoppers

P.O. Box 33

City/State/Zip: Elkhorn, WI 53121

Tip Line: (800) 242-7463

Fax: (262) 741-4616

  • The Wisconsin Attorney General's Office had a press release today advising that AMBER Alerts can now be found on Twitter by following @Amberalert.
  • Ransonware Malware Infections - A new type of computer virus is starting to show up more frequently.  Your computer will lock up with a warning from a government agency, such as the FBI, DOJ, or other Law Enforcement agency, stating that you have illegal items on your computer.  It gives you the option to pay a fine and unlock your computer or you will be arrested.  A Law Enforcement Agency will NEVER contact you about a possible violation in this manner.  If this happens to you, immediately disconnect your computer from the internet and turn the power off.  If you have another computer or device that has internet access you may be able to search for a solution and remove the virus yourself.  IF this is not an option, please contact an IT professional to remove it for you.  For more information a link has been added to our "links" page, or you can access it HERE.
  • The WI Statewide VINE system is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding the custody status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when the offender’s custody status changes. The VINE toll-free number for the WI Statewide VINE system is 888-868-4631.  This service is provided to assist Victims of Crime who have a right to know about their offender's custody status.  Click HERE to visit the site.
  • PAY TO PARK - All parking meters have been replaced with Pay to Park stations in the lake front area. If you do not have a current village sticker displayed on the driver's side of your windshield and you park in any of the lots or in marked stalls on Third or High Streets you must make payment at one of the four pay stations.  Pay stations are located in Lot 3 on Third Street, at the intersection of Third and High Streets and at both ends of  Lot #1 by the beach. Parking is checked between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM seven days a week including holidays. If you wish to contest a parking citation you must make a written request to the PD within 10 business days for a hearing.
  • BUYER BEWARE - CONTRACTOR FRAUD: The FPD is currently investigating several complaints about contractors who may have violated criminal laws by defrauding homeowners when they failed to deliver promised goods or services. These are difficult cases to investigate and prosecute criminally since in some situation what has happened is a civil matter between the contractor and the homeowner. We strongly encourage our citizens to check out any contractor they are considering employing. Do they have a permanent business address you can visit? Can the contractor show proof of insurance? Are they licensed by the state? Can they provide you with references? Be wary of anyone who answers these questions with a no. Do not give cash for down payments and ask for a receipt when you do pay. You can also check a potential contractor for any pending or past civil/criminal court cases on the CCAP on our links page.
  • SCAMS AND CON MEN: Recently one of our citizens fell victim to an overseas lottery scam. The citizen had received mail which told her she had won the Australian Lottery for 6.5 million dollars. The con artists convinced her that the winnings were hers if she would pay various taxes and fees. She ended up sending over $200,000.00 to a bogus firm in England.  Remember the old adage " If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true". Help us protect others from falling prey, call us immediately when you think someone is trying to scam you or a friend.
  • MYSTATEUSA.COM NOTIFICATIONS: Law enforcement agencies in Walworth County have a unique tool that allows them to notify the public of special situations by phone. This is how the system works. If there is a unique incident in Fontana such as a missing child, the FPD will have the 911 center activate what is know as the MYSPACEUSA.COM system. A recorded message will be made describing the child and any other information. The dispatch center will then program into the system the area to be notified which could be as small one city block or as large as the whole county. That message will then will be sent to every phone number in the designated area. If you answer the phone you will hear the caller identified as the 911 Center and then the message or it will be left on your answering machine.
  • PHONE SCAMS -  If you are called by someone claiming to work for a bank even if it is your bank do not give out any personal or banking information. No legitimate bank will call you to ask you for your account info, social security number or other personal information. Sometimes the caller will claim they are conducting an investigation into illegal activity at the bank and your assistance in providing the information is needed. If you are called tell them nothing an call the police promptly.